Can orthodontic treatment increase your heart health?

heartResearch has found a link between Cardiovascular Disease and Periodontitis.  Cardiovascular disease refers to heart conditions such as angina, heart attack, and atherosclerosis (filling of arteries with plaque). Periodontitis is the loss of bone supporting the teeth due to the body’s response to oral bacteria and can eventually lead to unwanted tooth loss.

How can orthodontic treatment increase your heart health?

One contributing factor to periodontitis is calculus (this is the technical term for tooth tarter) and if someone has very crooked teeth tarter removal becomes almost impossible, even for a skilled dental hygienist. When an orthodontist straightens the crooked teeth it makes the tarter removal possible and therefore helps prevent periodontitis, which may increase your heart health.  This is speculation at this point as more research is required to definitively make this link… and while we would like our patients to choose orthodontics with braces or Invisalign for the wonderful esthetic changes in their smile, it is an interesting potential side effect of orthodontics – improved cardiovascular health!


Blog courtesy of AM – Orthodontic Hygienist at Orthodontists on the River



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