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Can orthodontic treatment increase your heart health?

heartResearch has found a link between Cardiovascular Disease and Periodontitis.  Cardiovascular disease refers to heart conditions such as angina, heart attack, and atherosclerosis (filling of arteries with plaque). Periodontitis is the loss of bone supporting the teeth due to the body’s response to oral bacteria and can eventually lead to unwanted tooth loss. How can orthodontic treatment increase your heart health? One contributing factor to periodontitis is calculus (this is the technical term for tooth tarter) and if someone has very crooked teeth tarter removal becomes almost impossible, even for a

The minions agree, the new Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces are awesome!!!


Clarity cheerleader2Braces have come a long way… check out our new Clarity ADVANCED braces!

Something to smile about…


When Should you Change Your Toothbrush???

tooth brushThe mouth has over 700 different strains of bacteria and after you brush your teeth, your toothbrush is contaminated with all of the bacteria. Yuck!!! Also, if you leave your toothbrush on the bathroom counter, bacteria as well as dust in the air floats and lands on your brush. Extra Yuck!!  It is a good idea to keep your toothbrush in a cupboard if possible where the brush can dry, but is not contaminated with bacteria from the air. Research is showing that one should change their toothbrush at least

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What do you notice first?

What do you notice first??

What do you notice first?

The statistics of what people notice first when they meet someone! Is it any surprise #1 is your smile?